Small Business Plan


  • 5 Ads setup
  • 1 Facebook page setup
  • 1 Landing page setup
  • 1 Time account setup
  • Advertising cost is not included

Enterprise Plan

Custom Price

  • Customized setup

All plans include:

Ad design and copywriting

Ad Design & Copywriting

Image design, text, video, format, call to action, placement and destination.

Facebook Page

Facebook Page Basic Setup

Simple profile picture and cover, username, basic About info and basic Shop setup (up to 10 products).

Audience targeting

Audience Targeting

Location, age, gender, languages, demographics, interests, behaviours and connections.

Ad monitoring and optimizing

Ad Monitoring & Optimizing

Schedule, budget, bid and tracking.

Ad reporting

Ad Reporting

Results, reach, impressions, cost per result, amount spent, frequency, cost per click and click through rate.

Landing page

Standard Landing Page

3 templates (demo A, demo B, demo C) to choose from with maximum of 10 products. Else, the ads link to your page on your website, marketplace, ecommerce site or food delivery site.

Google Advertising Service